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Cooper Cooler

The Cooper Cooler is the Fastest Way to Rapidly Chill Your Warm Beverages from 77F/25C to refrigerator cold 43F/6C or to "ice cold" 33F/1C in double the below times:
Cans in 1 minute
Bottles in 3.5 minutes
750mL wine bottles in 6 minutes

Patented process is 40 times faster than a freezer for chilling cans and 10 times faster for wine
-Perfectly safe for chilling carbonated beverages like beer and soda which will not foam over upon opening.
-Easy to set up, just add ice cubes, water, and plug in.
-NO SPIN option for chilling delicate wines

The Cooper Cooler is proven much faster than other wine chillers, Peltier/Thermo-electric chillers, or frozen gel sleeves. It is the fastest way to chill 750mL wine bottles to various temperatures quickly and at the touch of a button from 77F/25C:
to 68F/20C in 1 minute
to 53F/11C in 3.5 minutes
to 43F/6C in 6 minutes

You will never run out of ice cold beverages when you Chill-On-Demand™

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