Ice Bucket and Tongs by Nuance


Ice Bucket and Tongs by Nuance
Ice Bucket and Tongs by Nuance
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Ice Bucket and Tongs by Nuance

The ice bucket is often a kind of necessary evil when oneís serving drinks. What do you do with the lid while fishing the cubes out, and what do you do with the tongs when youíre done? Itís rarely neither especially elegant nor practical and often the bucket sits there soaking in water from dripping or lost ice cubes. But those days are now over.

Marcus Vagnby and Karina Mencke have jointly designed the ultimate series of bar accessories for NUANCE. Naturally this project also includes an ice bucket, which both looks really cool and has been thought through in the smallest details.

The NUANCE Ice Bucket can be used with one hand while one holds a drink with the other. The lid is quite simply pushed to one side and then you simply and elegantly remove the ice cubes with the tongs located in the lid.

The tongs have large gripping surfaces with holes in so they drip into the bucket and not onto the table. Once youíve got your ice cubes you push the lid on and put the tongs in.

The NUANCE Ice Bucket is made from high-sheen stainless steel. The walls and base are double thick in order to keep the cold in and the internal insert is made from pool-blue ABS plastic, which makes it easy to separate the ice cubes, including in cosy lighting.

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