Stocking Stuffers for Wine Lovers

Guys, Christmas is coming soon…are YOU ready? I know I’m not! And do you know what I’m always last to do? The stockings. I’m always scrambling last minute to find stocking stuffers. Well, hopefully you aren’t like me and you are on your game! Hopefully this little list will help too 🙂

Here’s my list of the best stocking stuffers for wine lovers/enthusiasts/drinkers

  1. The Wine Yoke – these babies make awesome gifts are actually pretty useful. Hands free at the Christmas party! They come in black, pink and burgundy. 
  2. Bottle Stoppers– you can never have too many of these. They can be functional or decorative or both! I’m obsessed with cute silly ones like Henri the Gnome.  Henri the Gnome - Wine Pourer and Stopper
  3. Glass charms or markers– these are great for keeping track of your glass and are fun decorations. We have ones from fashionistas, dog lovers, holidays, all sorts of interests. I love these lodge ones for Christmas   Lodge My Glass® Charms
  4. Wine Wipes– don’t you hate when your lips and teeth getall red when drinking red wine? Keep your mouth kissable under the mistletoe with these! They come in mint or in a proprietary blend that doesn’t mess with the flavor or your wine. Wine Wipes
  5. Corkscrews– OK to be honest everyone probably has a corkscrew, however how many times is that one broke or lost or you can’t figure out how to use it? Plus they are perfect to stash in your travel bag or purse or car…haha ok everywhere! This sturdy and reliable Pulltap is a must have, and they come in a variety of colors.     Aqua Blue Pulltap Corkscrew - Bulk
  6. Cork Cage Ornaments– these are a cute and sentimental way to save a cork from a very special Christmas. Plus wine lovers would love to decorate their tree with wine themed ornaments! I really like this little barrel one.  Wine Barrel Cork Cage® Bottle Ornament
  7. Wine Tasting Notebook– this is a great way to keep track of what wines you have tasted and what you thought of it. Handy enough to take with you on a tasting or even to the wine store to help you remember what you like! This one even comes with a little guide to help you along.    DeLong's Wine Tasting Notebook


So there you have it, you can’t go wrong with any of these in the stocking this Christmas! Also, we have tons more at the website that could also go really well in stockings. Some for those cocktail and beer drinkers too! And remember to order soon so items can make it in time for Christmas!